How to make your factory productive and efficient

Posted on by Fiona Watt

When done right, manufacturing can be extremely cost-effective for your company, but it is also highly competitive. These two factors can be impacted by your factory's efficiency and productivity, such as processes, equipment used, and staff behaviour. But don't worry! With the power of reorganisation and a small amount of investing, your factory will reach its full potential in no time.

Before making any drastic changes, it is best to analyse the current position that your factory is in. For example, looking at your procedures, processes, technology, the lines and methods of communication, and finally, the resources you have available to make adjustments.

The amount of money and time wasted through a lack of organisation can be shocking, particularly if materials and stock are spread out across the manufacturing process with no reliable system in place. Establishing a well-organised storage and warehouse facility will begin the process of improving your factories productivity. Investing in the right equipment such as small parts and picking bins, mobile shelving, racking systems and workstations can help you to make further improvements.

Unsurprisingly, making the most of the space available to you can be an exceedingly effective way to improve your company’s productivity. The amount of time your staff spends moving from one area to another can stack up quickly and ultimately, affecting your manufacturing efficiency. Rearranging your floorplan would be the best step to take, which will allow you to place commonly used equipment and machinery closer to each other, keep stock and other components nearer to your employees’ workstations.

One area of improvement that usually gets overlooked is staff training; it should be no surprise that it can significantly impact productivity in the workplace. No matter your industry or product type, it is highly likely that the equipment and processes you use are constantly evolving. This could vary from new product lines, technological developments and legislative changes. You must keep your staff up to date on the latest information and Health & Safety Regulations. This can result in the best practices being followed accurately and improving efficiency.

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