Knowing your Ladder Kitemarks

Posted on by Fiona Watt


Before you purchase a ladder, it’s important to know the different types of certifications and which one is right for you, such as the environment in which you will be using the ladder. Ladder Kitemarks have three different categories of standards that the equipment must meet; domestic, trade, and industrial.

Industrial – BS2037 (Class 1)

The Industrial classification is one of the strongest types of ladders and step ladders that you can buy. Specially designed for on-site use, industrial ladders are the best option for someone who spends most of their time working on industrial sites. However, this type of ladder is not necessary for carrying out DIY work around domestic environments.

Maximum Static Vertical Load: 175kg/27.5 stone

Trade – EN131

Formerly known as BS2037/Class 2, the trade standard is one of the most popular ladder certifications in the UK. When purchasing these ladders, EN131 is the certification you need to look out for. This is how you will be sure that the ladder meets the safety requirements for trade and domestic use.

Maximum Static Vertical Load: 150kg/23.5 stone

Duty Rating: 115kg/18 stone

Domestic – BS2037 (Class 3)

Domestic is the lightest standard in the UK. Ladders that fall into this classification should only be used occasionally, and not used in industrial and trade environments. As well as being a risk to your health, it would also go against Health and Safety Regulations.

Maximum Static Vertical Load: 125kg/19.5 stone

Duty Rating: 95kg/15 stone

Here at worXmart, we have a wide range of access equipment, including ladders and step ladders that are all certified to its appropriate standard. This ensures that we provide our customers with safe and secure equipment.

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