How to make the most out of your Workbench

Posted on by Fiona Watt


There are limitless ways you can extend and personalise your workbench. No matter your profession, whether its trade, industrial or just a hobby, your workspace is the most important part and should play a part in motivating your productivity levels.

If you want to find out how you can upgrade your workbench to its full potential, then carry on reading!

You can never have too much storage!

Installing Drawers and Cupboards will help to keep your surroundings tidy; a clear space will give you peace of mind! Whereas a cluttered workspace can be a huge distraction to your productivity and impact the quality of your finished work. Without allocated places to keep your equipment and materials, things can become a bit of mess and could even result in misplaced items that are crucial for everyday use. Drawers and storage bins are great for keeping tools and lesser-used items out of the way when they’re not in use.

Rhino Tuff Plastic Bins are a great example of workbench storage bins. They’re perfect for picking areas or where small parts and components need to be stored. You could also use them to store tools for easy reach while working. This range is shockproof as well as resistant to moisture and a wide range of chemicals, oils, and solvents. This is ideal for industrial environments such as warehouses.

 Back panelsrails and pinboards are another efficient way to store equipment out of the way, but still easily accessible.  The ESD Perforated Back Panel is great for dividing space at your station, whereas the perforated material makes it easy to hook on tools and equipment and keep them in organised sections.

 Adjust your workbench to a level that suits you

Working at a bench that is the wrong height for you can have a negative impact on your flow and quality of work, so it is important to purchase the correct one for you. This is where height Adjustable workbenches come into play; they are a great way to ensure comfort throughout the day. 

 We recommend the Binary Electric Height Workbench which allows you to quickly adjust the bench to your required height with its two-switch system.

 Make it Mobile!

No one wants to work in a chaotic, unsafe, and unsanitary environment. Keeping tidied and organised will keep chaos at bay, which is where Mobile Workbenches can come in handy. They are essentially portable worktops and tool storage combined into one, which is excellent for keeping track of your work equipment and reducing clutter left around the workplace. It also means you can quickly move your station when needed without the hassle of moving stationary benches.

 Our standard Mobile Workbench is the perfect addition for any warehouse or workshop environment. You can choose from just a mobile worktop or from a selection of single drawers and cupboards to match your storage requirements.  

 Having a workbench with enough storage space will make your life 100% more manageable, and here at WorXmart, we can help you that! We supply a large range of accessories to help you create the storage space you desire, so give our team a call today on 0333 234 2344.

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