Preparing for the Christmas Shopping Chaos in Warehouses

Posted on by Fiona Watt

Preparing for the Christmas season is extremely important for all online retailers and one the key environments that needs the most preparation is, of course, warehouses. The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year for warehouse workers, especially for those who work in the retail sector. For that reason, all areas of the workplace need to be running as efficiently and effectively as possible to survive the festive rush. This will help to reduce costs, generate sales, increase revenue and most importantly, ensure minimal stress amongst your employees.

One of the ways to make the impact of Christmas easier on your facilities is to make use of all the space available to you through shelving, racking systems and packing stations. Here at worXmart we can supply you with all the necessities required for a smooth Christmas season. 

Our Longspan Heavy Duty Racking is a versatile and robust solution for easy storage in industrial environments, making it perfect for storing a vast range of items. The system is also expandable to suit your storage needs as they grow in busier times, perfect for the festive season! With our 5-day delivery guarantee, you can get your storage areas organised quickly and hassle-free. 

When it comes to the organisation of your warehouse, you also need to think about the layout of packing stations to make the most of the space available to you and your employees. With our range of Rivet Wide Packing Workstations, we can help you do just that! These great value stations are available in two different worktops and come with all the helpful extras you need for a smooth packing system. This includes a lower bubble wrap dispenser, upper paper roll dispenser and an upper shelf, ideal for placing plastic bins for extra storage.

 To view our full range of racking, shelving and accessories, click here. We are here this Christmas season to help your warehouse run smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

 During this busy time, it is also essential to take a break! Make sure to sit down during your breaks to allow your body to recharge before going back to work. Remember, a tired worker isn’t an efficient worker. 

 If you would like more information on these products or to place an order, please give our expert team a call today on 03332342344. 



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