The Best Shelving Solutions for the Office and Classroom

Posted on by Andrew Alty

The Best Shelving Solutions for your Office and the Classroom:

Storage in any workplace is of vital importance. Whether it be in a warehouse, an office or even in a school, elegant and efficient storage solutions provide a sense of organisation and with it calm to those within that workspace, boosting productivity through simplicity, ease of access and familiarity. This element of calmness and efficiency is vital in an office space. These benefits are highlighted in this article from; The Benefits of Office Storage Solutions.

In this blog post, we are going to cover the key elements that constitute effective and appropriate shelving storage in the office and the classroom. By that we mean we will be covering which shelving units and solutions work best in office environments and how best to implement these solutions to promote organisation in the workplace.

Storage in the Office

Obviously, office environments can vary wildly between different industries. Between an office environment that covers the administration for supplying goods and the office of an insurance company, the business conducted could be very different. But one thing that remains a constant is the need for storage solutions and often the types of supplies that would need to be stored. Whether it be stacks of paper, various folders, files and documents, or more general office supplies such as pens, scissors or staplers, these items all need a home in an office environment. For this reason, maintaining a shelving or storage unit that can host a multitude of items is always a solid solution to the problem of organising items.

From the worXmart website, we might recommend The Delta Plus Starter Bay and if needs be, The Delta Plus Extension Bayto further add to the storage possibilities. These handy units allow for easy access with an open front as well the possibility to store a multitude of items in a tidy and easy to locate manner.


Storage in the Classroom

Storage in Classrooms can be slightly different to that seen in an office. Due to the difference of the people who are seen in classrooms and office spaces, namely between children and adults, it is safe to assume in a classroom that you don’t want ease of access to certain supplies that are being stored. With this in mind, for the classroom, a closed off storage unit might be the best solution as it can keep children away from dangerous items such as scissors or other such items, whilst simultaneously protecting other supplies from being damaged or dirtied.

With these factors in mind, one product that we would recommend is the the Expo 4 Boltless Shelving Cupboard Doors which allow for the option of customisation and configuration with extra shelves, rollout drawers and cladding available. Proving to be an effective storage room with room for expansion, whilst also adding a level of security in that children will not be able to access dangerous materials and supplies.


At worXmart, we offer a wide variety of storage and shelving units with a wide range of additions that can be utilised in an office space, a classroom as well as a variety of other working environments. With certified and approved products, none of our customers have to worry about the standard and quality of the product, therefore you can feel secure when purchasing with us.


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