Preventing Back Injuries with Office Furniture

Posted on by Andrew Alty

Despite the nature of the office working environment, injuries can be a common occurrence. This is often due to some of the repetitive nature of the work being conducted and also the equipment being used in the office. In an article for The Health and Safety Executive, it is stated that some of the leading causes for back pain are repetitive tasks, being in once position for a long time and even working with display screen equipment which can lead to poor posture.

Some of the advice given by The Health and Safety Executive in order to manage the risk and hopefully avoid causing back pain are to identify what activities cause back pain and decide how they can be avoided or changed, think about how you can make jobs physically easier and put some controls and measure in place. This advice gives a general idea on how best to avoid encountering a back injury in the workplace. However, in this blog, we will be covering how best to utilise office furniture and equipment to avoid back injuries in the workplace.

One of the best ways to ensure that employees do not encounter a back injury in the office is to ensure that workers have a proper and ergonomically fit office chair. An ergonomic office chair is a key component of avoiding back injuries or pains in the office. Office chairs provide the majority of support to an employee’s back in the office; therefore it is important to provide workers with a proper and reliable ergonomic chair. One of the best office chairs we have available on WorXmart built for ergonomic purposes is the Calypso Ergo Operator Chair. As well as being approved by physio therapists, and also being certified by the European Standard for Office Chairs, the product is fitted with a Permanent

To follow up from having a fit for purpose chair, the next priority when making an office workspace ergonomically viable is to ensure that there is a proper desk in place for an employee to conduct their work. An office desk is where employees in the office will spend the majority of their working day, therefore it is of the upmost importance that they feel comfortable in this space and that there is no need for them to strain whilst there. Office desks can utilise the maximum potential that an office space provides, but it also must remain safe and keep employees from harm. Combine this factors with an effective ergonomic office chair and an employee should be properly postured and viewing a screen or taking notes without having to strain and potentially injure themselves. The TR10 Deluxe Ergonomic Desk meets all of these requirements. Designed and built for demanding workplaces whilst being the ideal solution to fit into almost any office space. The TR10 maximises space and ensure that employees have space to move and don’t end up feeling cramped in their workspace. Fitted with two cable access ports as well as vertical cable management in order to hide and keep cables orderly. These features minimise the trip hazards that might be typically seen in an office which prevents further injuries, such as a serious back injury from a fall.

There are a myriad of other methods to ensure that a back injury is not encored in an office space, such as ensuring that the workspace remains organised with filing cabinets, preventing cluttered workspaces and overexertion. But utilising a proper ergonomic desk and office chair and arguably the most effective methods to avoid back injuries or pain in an office workplace. For more office desks, follow this link:

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