Access Equipment: Helping You To Reach New Heights

Posted on by Andrew Alty

Working in any sort of warehouse, safety must be a top priority. This rings especially true when it comes to access equipment in the workplace. Working at any sort of height entails a level of risk to an employee, those around them as well as the products that might be being handled at such heights. But with the selection of access equipment available on WorXmart, you can feel assured and safe that you will be completing tasks at a height to the fullest, most efficient, and safest manner possible.

Access equipment can be seen in a variety of different forms, from scissor lifts and cherry pickers to more commonly seen items such as scaffolding towers and access platforms. All these items' main purpose is to provide workers with the option of operating and completing tasks that they would not typically be able to perform due to height restrictions. However, depending on the scale of a task, distinct types of access equipment would be more suitable. For example, in a warehouse an item such as Fort Easy Steer Mobile Step would be better suited than something like a scaffold tower as it is mobile and able to move from one section to another without large scale construction and deconstruction each time. An even easier and far smaller option than a set of mobile steps would be some Kick Steps which can be seen in almost any working environment, whether it be a warehouse, an office, a store or a school. As you can see, access equipment could be required for a multitude of tasks, no matter the workplace, but the equipment could very much be dependent on the task at hand.

For work that be undertaken outside and requires workers and employees to work at even taller heights, something such as a scaffolding tower would be more appropriate. Here at WorXmart, we can provide such equipment with our Sky-High Towers (TBL250827 Range) for the tallest of tasks. With the tasks that often require such structures, there are vigorous safety checks to ensure that those working with such access equipment remain safe and comfortable whilst working at such heights that without said structure would be considered extremely dangerous.

For more information on working at different height and how to remain safe whilst doing so, check out the Governments Health and Safety Executive website where the provide guides on how best to work when operating at heights and answer frequently asked questions about such topics.

We hope you found this article both useful and informative. For more information on any access equipment products available on the WorXmart catalogue or to place an order, give our team a call on 0333 234 2344, or visit our website at

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