Visiplas Rack Protecters

The Visiplas moulded rack protectors offer a high visibility bumper, which suits many of the leading pallet racking systems.

Ideally suited for intermediate uprights with a slim profile that does not reduce the clear opening of the bay.

The unique design allows the impact to be absorbed within the protector whilst having the ability to reform after impact. Each guard is quickly installed onto the face of the upright with two cable ties (an additional cable tie is supplied for every protector for maintenance)

  • Tough impact resistant

  • High visibility yellow

  • Energy absorbing design

  • Easily fitted and removed

  • Certified to impact loads specified in EN15512-2009

  • Made from polyethylene compounded plastic

  • Absorbs the impact energy preventing damage to the upright

  • Available in several widths to suit different manufacturers’ uprights

  • Protectors are 500mm high and can be stacked two high (1000mm)

  • Simple attachment to the rack uprights with 2 cable ties.

  • Fast installation & easy to carry out maintenance checks

  • Narrow design without reducing the clear entry of the bay

  • High visibility yellow colour enhances position of upright location

  • Injection moulded from a high impact plastic compound

  • Distributes the collision load to an internal energy absorbing pad

  • Chemical resistant and suitable for use in temperatures down to -35°C

  • Design Registration No. 335225 and No. 335226

  • Demonstration videos available here:

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