Taurus Utility Workbenches

The strength and durability of the Taurus Utility Workbenches make them the ideal product for virtually any working environment, including schools, labs, retail environments and factories. With a 20mm high top with a Powder Coated laminate finish, making these workbenches some of the best suited products for working environments.

The options of customisation and additions that can be applied to the workbench allows for excellent storage solutions in the workplace with a multitude of shelf space allowing for extra drawers, allowing the Taurus Utility Workbench to be malleable to any working environment.

  • Ideal for Factories, Labs, Retail Environments & Schools etc.
  • 20mm high density laminate with a 3mm PVC Edging
  • Powder coated, Iridium Silver finish on the workbench frames
  • Drawer sets come complete with central locking & have a load capacity of 50kg per drawer. Each drawer set can be fitted either on the left or right of the bench.
  • Cupboard sets can only be fitted on the right hand side
  • Supplied Knock down.
  • Drawers sets provide central locking for convenience
  • Drawers come in a variety of colours and sizes
  • Supplied knock down
No Drawers / Powder coated / 1500mm - £478.95

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