Taper Grip Drum Clamp

Convenient, efficient, stable the Taper Grip Drum Clamp is the ideal tool for moving drum containers in your workplace. With an automatic grip locking system with steel jaws to grip the rim of the container, the unit remains safe throughout transportation with units that weigh up to 360kg. With two varieties of fork spreads for this product, it also proves that it is versatile as it can carry either 1 or 2 drums depending on the variation. Ideal for a range of environments but perfect for larger workplaces where drum handling is required.

  • Automatic grip lock
  • Steel Jaws for grip
  • Suitable for use with 210 litre steel drum containers
  • Changeable grip head heights
  • of drums held 1 or 2
  • Fork spread: 560mm or 605mm
  • Height 1000mm
  • Blue stove enamel
  • CE Marked and Plated

**PLEASE NOTE: It is important for the safe use of this unit that the drum ring is not damaged and is strong enough to support its own weight**


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