Super Compact Truck

Super Compact Truck manufactured from aluminium that can unfold in seconds. The truck is designed to be lightweight making it simple to use and easy to carry. The truck can be stored or transported in confined spaces which makes them ideal for deliveries.

Ideal for use in various environments such as schools and offices. 

GI043Y comes with knuckle guard hand grips.

  • Wheel size ranges from 120 – 200mm
  • GI025Y – Mini Compact Truck
  • GI033Y – Super Compact Truck
  • GI043Y – Heavy Duty’ Compact Truck
  • GI025Y Toe Plate Size: 390W x 240Dmm
  • GI033Y Toe Plate Size: 490W x 270Dmm
  • GI043Y Toe Plate Size: 590W x 335Dmm

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