Heavy Duty Workbenches

The Heavy Duty Workbenches were designed with durability as a long-life product in mind, fit and ready for manufacturing, engineering and industrial work environments. To add to this sturdiness and long-lasting quality for the industries who would require such a workbench, a multitude of options and configurations are offered. With a variety of worktops, including Steel Plate, Limonium, Solid Beech and Laminate as well as a variety of different dimensions and sizes, it provides the perfect and personal workbench for the workplace.

Multiple accessories and additions are available for the Heavy Duty Workbenches. These accessories can range to Drawer Sets, Additional Shelves and Cupboards, each of which can provide the workspace with more storage options.

5 Day Delivery available for this item.

  • 5 Day Delivery
  • Leg Frame: 50 x 50 mm
  • Top Sections: 25 x 50mm
  • Foot Rail: 25 x 50mm
  • Powder Coated
  • Compatible Accessories available
  • Solid Beech Worktop Thickness: 27mm
  • Linoleum Worktop Thickness: 18mm (finished on a composite core)
  • Steel Worktop Thickness: 2mm (Finish overlay with Timber Core – 25mm Thickness)
  • Laminate Worktop Thickness: 20mm (Finished on a composite core)
  • Clean Paint Work periodically with warm soapy water
840 x 1200 x 600 mm / Steel Plate - £425.95

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