Hazardous Cupboards

Safely store hazardous substances in the workplace with our range of Hazardous Cupboards.

Perfect for storing flammable liquids, chemicals and acids. Paired with our compatible cupboard stands, the cabinet can be raised off the ground to be seated at a more coventional height.

Made from robust, all-steel construction our Hazardous Cupboards work well in all work environments, such as industrial, general and commercial. The steel units are available in various sizes including floor cupboards, wall mounted and mobile. 

Our Hazardous Cupboards come fitted shelves which are adjustable in 25mm incerements and are designed to act as spill trays for minor spillages. Additional shelves can also be purchases on our website. 

Each Cupboard is supplied with two keys for additional secruity when storing Hazardous Chemicals, so can be used within Schools as well as workplaces due to their safety locks. 

Compatible cupboard stands sold seperarely 

Extra shelving sold seperately

  • 5 Day Delivery
  • Adjustable
  • 'No Snag' handles with 2-point locking
  • Fitted with liquid-tight sump to encourage the correct handling of spills (except wall mounted cupboards)
  • Powder coated yellow with Germ Guard Active Technology paint
  • Fire Classification EN 13501-1
  • UDL: 70kg
  • Adjustable shelves

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