Hazardous Cupboard Stands

Our high quality range of Hazardous Cupboard Stands are specially manufactured for our range of Hazardous Cupboards.

The Stands raise the Cupboards by 500mm which allows you to have the Cupboards at a more convenient height for easier access and features an adjustable foot for uneven surfaces to add more stability.

Raising the Hazardous Cupboard off the ground/workbench allows for visable access to the Cupboard. This can prevent cross contamation and even spillages due to having the ability to see better without having to crouch/bend down. 

Due to the Cupboards being raised on stand this allows for easier cleaning if there are any spillages. 

Hazardous Cupboard sold seperately

  • For use wih COSHH Cabinets
  • 5 Day Delivery
  • Hazardous Cupboard Accessory
  • Available in 3 different popular sizes
  • Raise Cupboards by 500mm
  • Ajustable Foot for uneven surfaces

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