Fort®, Platform Truck, Tubular Frame

Fort Platform Truck manufactured with Plywood Deck Units, Sides and Ends finished in a Tubular Frame. This Model is fitted with Parking Brakes in accordance with the recommendations of euronorm BS EN 1757-3, 2002 and is mobile on 2 Fixed and 2 Swivel Braked Rubber tyred Castors

  • Castor Size (850L x 500W Base Size Only): 160mm
  • Castor Size: 200mm
  • Base Height: 240 (850L x 500W Base Size Only) or 280mm
  • Base Size: 850L x 500W, 1000L x 600W, 1000L x 700W & 1200L x 800W mm
980mm x 990mmL x 500mmW / Plywood / Single End - £402.95

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