Fort® Buttress Steps - Tubular

Tubular Fort Buttress Steps with graduated Widths and a 45-degree easy slope comfort angle that makes the Unit strong, comfortable and stable. The Unit is also static on 4 landing feet but can be easily carried

  • Certified to EN-14183
  • 3-5 step units are mobile on 2 x 150mm Rear Wheels
  • Colour Options: Red, Blue & Grey
  • Platform Sizes: 400H x 630W x 250D, 600H x 600W x 250D, 800H x 550W x 250D & 1000H x 500W x 250Dmm
  • The Fort Buttress Steps range is available in 4 different Tread options – Mesh, non-slip Phenolic, Aluminium & Galvanised
£711.95 £221.95

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