Flat Garment Locker

The flat garment locker is designed to allow ease when issuing different garments within the workplace, such as a work uniform, overalls and many more.

Each compartment was designed with this in mind to allow for enough room to distribute different types of garment—for example, a folded lab coat or a set of overalls.

Each locker features a door stiffener that is spot welded in the centre of the door and is fitted with a 10-disc key operated cam lock for security purposes.

Although each compartment has its own door to allow for individual use, the locker comes with a master door. This is to allow access to each compartment with ease when fresh garments need to be placed inside. This is to save time instead of opening each locker door.

The Flat Garment Locker is constructed with a pop-riveted Mild Steel Carcass that comes pre-drilled for nesting lockers together.

  • Locker Depths: 300 & 450mm
  • Delivered Assembled
  • Light Grey Powder Coated
  • Door Compartment Options: 5,10,12,15 or 20 Tiers
  • Door Colour Options: MOQ-Red, MOQ-Green, MOQ-Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Grey & MOQ-Yellow
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 8 Units
  • Clean Paint Work periodically with warm soapy water or foaming cleaner
1800 x 380 x 450 mm / 5 / MOQ - Red - £273.95

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