Drum Lifters - Geared

Simplifying the process of lifting, manoeuvring and tilting drum in the workplace, ensuring a safer and more efficient workplace. Can easily attach the drum containers to a to a crane or overhead hoist and with a load capacity of 350kg it proves to be useful at moving the contents of the drum around a warehouse or any other workplace environment. The geared mechanism of the unit allows for an easy method of tilting drum units for the process of pouring the contents of the unit.

  • Model: DLV02Z
  • Geared chain control
  • 3 metre chain
  • Locking mechanism keeps units securely in place
  • Can be one person operated
  • CE marked and plated
  • Dimesions: 850L x 850w x 250H mm
  • Load capacity: 350kg
  • Can carry up to 210 litre capacity drums

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