Tool Charging Locker

Our high-quality tool charging lockers are available with either Standard Plug or RCD Plug Sockets, making them an ideal solution for secure charging of batteries and power tools.

The lockers are designed with rubber buffers and strengthened, perforated doors, which allow for ventilation while charging to prevent heat build-up.

These charging lockers are powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Each compartment is fitted 10-disc key-operated Cam Lock and is supplied with 2 keys for security. Each locker is also fitted with rust-resisting galvanised security shelves to prevent any unauthorized access to the below compartment.

  • Delivered Assembled
  • CE Marked and Tested
  • Light Grey Powder Coated
  • Clean Paint Work periodically with warm soapy water or foaming cleaner
1800 x 300 x 450 mm / Standard / 4 Tier Perforated - £511.95

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