Tips To Help Organise Your Storage Shelving

Posted on by Andrew Alty

Storage shelving systems can be integral to effective space management in working environments which in turn can be an integral part of a working staff members health and safety. With the various risks that are attached to manual handling, effective storage can help alleviate some of these risks as there is less lifting involved and often, less need to conduct repetitive tasks that could cause strains. Further information on such things and how best to prevent encountering an injury are detailed on the Health and Safety Executive website covering the risks of manual handling in the workplace.


It is worth covering how best to organise and store equipment on storage shelves to minimise the risk that could be encountered with manual handling. There are a multitude of solutions to such issues. The primary solution on how to best organise your storage units and shelving is to have plenty of space available to effectively organise each item in the proper manor. Alongside the Delta Plus Starter Kit the Delta Plus Extension Bay provides extra storage options with customisable features so that employees can organise different items into different sections. Practical and stylish, these items can work in any work environment, whether it be an office, a warehouse or even a garage, the organisational options are ideal no matter what is being stored.

One quickfire way to add some level of organisation to your storage shelving is to use dividers to break up the shelves into sections that have designated areas for designated items. With Storage Dividers and clearly labelled sections and Storage Bins, items can be easily found and identified on the shelving unit. Dividing items from each other ensure that there are no mix ups and that items do not go missing by accidentally becoming mixed in with other items. More extensive examples of effectively dividing and organising items on shelving units would be to utilise added extensions such as Filing Frames that can neatly keep folders and collections of documents safe and organised within the unit, making it an even more convenient one-stop-shop for an employees workplace needs.


Sometimes, simple Bin Racks can be an effective enough storage solution. If there’s small things that just need to piled together, such as screws or nails, they can be easily stored in the bin racks, and with added accessories, the frames for the racks can store and hold other tools and pieces of equipment that could be useful and make getting the necessary equipment for completing a task far easier through efficient organisation.

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