Choosing the Best Bike Shelter for your School

Posted on by Andrew Alty

As general everyday exercises go, daily cycling can be considered one of the easiest and most beneficial health routines you can develop. As an alternative to typical transportation whether it be by public transport or with a personal vehicle (i.e., car or motorcycle), cycling is easy to integrate into your daily life. Cycling daily comes with a myriad of health benefits, from maintaining a healthy weight and building muscle, to halving the chances of heart disease and reducing the risk of cancer by 45% when paired with a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, things such as cyclescheme provide a great incentive to cycle daily. With these benefits in mind, encouraging school students to cycle every day and develop this healthy habit would be an extremely positive development. However, the problem may arise when they arrive at their school and college as there aren’t any suitable facilities to store their bicycles. We here at WorXmart have a range of different cycle shelter available, and in this blog, we will be presenting a variety of different options that may be best suited to school facilities and keep your children’s bikes safe and secure.

     1.     Traditional Cycle Shelter

The first cycle shelter we are presenting you with is our Traditional Cycle Shelter. The standard you would expect from any bike shelter, the Traditional Cycle Shelter, although simple, serves its purpose perfectly. The unit is available in a variety of different sizes, colours, and materials. With the option of an open or closed back panel, you have the choice of whether you would prefer students would have easier access to the shelter or be better suited to harsher weather conditions. However, with the robust all-weather construction, the shelter Is designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, no matter the material used, whether it be perforated or galvanised sides. With the option of larger dimensions to fit 2,4 or 4 bike loops to allow more students to store their bicycles and a variety of different colour options to coincide with your school establishment’s colours, this unit is the ideal, sturdy, and affordable option for your school or college.

     2.     Kenilworth Cycle Shelter

For a more aesthetically pleasing and presentable cycle shelter for your facilities that is still on the affordable side, we would recommend the Kenilworth Cycle Shelter from our selection. With a curved floor to roof shelter to offer protection to the bikes stored inside, it makes the perfect shelter without being considered an eyesore by some. With a 5mm Perspex roof and sides, this unit is designed with vandal resistant features in mind, making it robust and easy to clean if any graffiti appears. 

     3.      Cycle Compound

If your school requires the extra room, and security with high volumes of students cycling to the premises, then you will require a larger unit that has a high level of security to ensure the students property remains safe. In which case, the Cycle Compound which is also available on WorXmart is the best option. Available in different sizes to accommodate either 16, 32 or even 48 bikes, spaces and room is of no concern with this unit. Obviously, with this level of storage hosting valuable property, security needs to be one of the highest priorities considered, which is why the Cycle Compound comes with a lockable gate with a padlock attachment, as well as an optional central security canopy to give those who store their bicycles within the unit peace of mind. The unit is sturdy as well as secure, utilising a galvanised steel frame, UV resistant opaque polycarbonate panels for a curved roof and side panels made from tough clear Perspex to defend against vandalism and damage. To defend from harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain, the metal components of the unit have been powder coated, and to defend against harsh winds, the unit must be bolted to 250mm thick concrete to keep the compound in place. This unit is the perfect option when it comes to high-capacity cycle shelters.

These are just a few examples of the cycle storage racks that are available with us at WorXmart. To explore our range further, head to our website and see what we have available to you from our catalogue. Follow this link to see more:

We hope you found this article both useful and informative. For more information on any storage and shelving products available on the WorXmart catalogue or to place an order, give our team a call on 0333 234 2344, or visit our website at

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